The Ultra 35'R

Putting It All Together At Peak Efficiency

When you're ready to take The Catskill 35 to a new level, consider the Ultra 35'R.

The Ultra 35'R requires that the hiker completes a full round of the Catskill 35 in 7 or fewer hiking days. The hiker chooses the hiking days when constructing their Ultra 35'R and may omit shorter hiking days at their discretion. Strategy is a key component of the Ultra 35'R. Solving the puzzle and putting it all together your own way is a fun part of this unique challenge.

There are two variations of the Ultra 35'R.

Ultra 35'R - Single Season

Ultra 35'R Single Season (7 hiking days)

The Ultra 35'R - Single Season requires that the hiking days occur within a single season. This is ideal for hikers with a seasonal focus.

Ultra 35'R - ROUND in a MONTH

Ultra 35'R ROUND in a MONTH (7 hiking days)
Round in a Month

The Ultra 35'R - ROUND in a MONTH is even more challenging and requires that the hiking days occur within a single month. This variation may be preferred by hikers with a monthly focus who are pursuing the month-based milestones: the ROUND in a MONTH, the Rolling 420 and the Calendar Year 420.

Save on your travel to the Catskills, minimize your driving and save gas! The Ultra 35'R is the ideal milestone for the high performance hiker who has limited hiking days available.

Ultra 35'R milestones are listed on the Recent Milestones page embossed with the number of hiking days used to complete the Ultra Round.

There's also a special Ultra 35'R Page which shows the various recipes that hikers have used to complete the Ultra 35'R and the milestones that have been earned to date.

Congratulations to the Ultra 35'R finishers!

Progress Reports - Ultra 35'R

Ideas and Suggestions

The Ultra 35'R is an exciting new way to hike The Catskill 35. We understand that it's not for everyone.

We'd appreciate your ideas and suggestions for making The Ultra 35'R even better.

Please email us if you're interested in pursuing this new challenge and we'll make a special effort here at headquarters to monitor your Ultra 35'R progress. We can also help you solve the puzzle and find the recipe which will allow you to put it all together at your peak efficiency.

Ultra 35'R Recipes

You have up to 7 hiking days to complete a full round of The Catskill 35. Here are some of the recipes that hikers have come up with to put it all together at their very own peak efficiency.

Ultra 35'R Finishers

Here is a list of the Ultra 35'R finishers so far.