Progress Reports - Catskills

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Record Your Peaks

Record your peaks by submitting the Progress Form each time you hike. Your submissions and those of other hikers are displayed in the progress reports above. Please be patient, as it may take up to an hour for your submission to be processed.

Pick a Nickname

Are you having trouble settling on that perfect nickname? Don't worry, because you can change it at any time. In fact, many of us have been changing our nicknames with the start of each new season. It's all part of the fun!

Track Your Progress

You'll be able to track your progress towards the Single Season 35'R, the Catskill High Peaks - 4 Seasons and the Catskill 420 Grid milestones. There's even a special "33 plus 4" report for aspirants.

In addition to the Progress Reports which are viewable on the website and the Seasonal Summary Report which is sent to you when you submit peaks, you can request additional reports which will be sent to you by email using the Reports on Demand form. The form allows you to choose the season and year, so you can request Seasonal Summary Reports and Seasonal Planning Sheets for any past and future seasons.

Easy Milestone Completion Process

When you've reached a milestone and would like to be recognized and receive a patch, email us. Let us know your mailing address, how many patches you'd like, and your final peak.

Bulk Upload Assistance

If you've been recording your peaks in a spreadsheet and would like assistance in uploading your peaks and dates, email us and we'll help you through the process.

Seasonal Planning Sheet

When you use our Track Your Progress system, you'll be able to plan each season's hikes using our dynamic Seasonal Planning Sheet which you can request via Reports on Demand.

This dynamic planning sheet includes your up-to-the-minute hiking progress and features a Hikers Anonymous™ innovation — the color-coded, proximity based peak arrangement. You'll find this really convenient as you start to plan and complete longer, multiple peak hikes.

Whether you're pursuing the Single Season 35'R, the Catskill High Peaks - 4 Seasons or the Catskill 420 Grid , the Seasonal Planning Sheet gives you all of the information you need to devise a strategy for completing each color-coded section to successfully reach your milestones.

Hikers Anonymous™ Tally Card

The Hikers Anonymous™ Tally Card is the smallest tally sheet of them all. You can use it to record your peaks out in the field. It's the size of a business card and it fits conveniently inside your phone case, wallet or in your car's window visor and includes a convenient QR code which gets you to our website.

We include a Tally Card in your envelope when you complete a milestone. Hikers help us by passing them out on the trails. If you'd like to help, email us and we'll send you a bunch!

Ha! Tally Cards

Having trouble? Email us and we'll try to assist you through the process.